Way to Wonder is one of the levels of LittleBigPlanet 3D in the area Wonder Hills.


In this Snowy wasteland Where a friendly neighborhood Roger teaches Sackboy basic controls such as jumping, and collecting Score Bubbles. Along away, you meet the residents of Wonder Hill Village, such as Norway; the Artist, Marco; The Strong one, and Num Nums; The Female Warrior. they will teach you about climbing and grabbing. Once Sackboy meet Roger again, he said that he needs Sackboy to climb Longtime Mountain to meet Shira Whidnsy; The Guardian of the Plot Book.

Sticker Switches

You won't be able to Ace the level in the first try due to the "Hold to Retry" Tutorial in the Popit Menu and can only be Aced by Using a "Cosmic Gear" Sticker on a Cardboard gear, the gears are turn after the sticker is placed, and opens a door.

Prizes List


  • Snowflake 1
  • Snowflake 2
  • Gear 1
  • Gear 2
  • Art Sign
  • Moon
  • Planet
  • Leather Armor
  • Wonder Hill Village Sign
  • Christine Painting
  • Norway Painting 1
  • Norway Painting 2
  • The Gardens Painting
  • Mountain Painting
  • Owl Eye
  • Shira Painting


  • Mountain
  • Danger Sign
  • Clouds
  • Sun
  • Planet
  • Gold Frame


  • Russian Doll
  • Black Boot


  • Snow Paper (Sponge)
  • Carve Wood (Wood)
  • Clockwork (Metal)


  • Ice Climber Hoodie
  • Ice Climber Shoes
  • Ice Climber Pants
  • Ice Climber Pick Axe

Level Complete

Find All Goodies

  • Material: Cracked Stone (Stone)
  • Costume: Roger Costume
  • Costume: Num Nums Costume

Aced Level

  • Costume: Marco Costume
  • Costume: Norway Costume
  • Object: Pencil