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  • Kasoku

    I'm playing around with features for the next couple of weeks so the wiki will look very different. I'm trying to make the layout somewhat imitate that of the normal lbp wiki. 

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  • Kasoku

    There are only two admins, JesseRoo (the creator of the wikia) and COKEMAN (admin and b-crat). Neither have edited for several years, and COKEMAN only had 4 edits.

    The wikia also has default graphics, and I plan to clean it up a bit.

    I also plan to remove several extremely short / low quality pages, add many more pages, add more templates, and more categories as well.

    I know I haven't edited much here, but really, the wikia is extremely inactive, and I think it has potential, so I want to adopt it and fix it up. 

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