the little big planet show is a CGI Television Series based on Little Big Planet Game Series and premered on cartoon network in 2017.

 the shows Plot

In the world of craftworld, sackboy, princess flower, and bitty bob are new students at popit Academy. Under the teachings of van clips, poppy smashing, and mailwick, the three of them will learn what it means to be a creator curators while fighting the evil carroll, his mother gringra, and other villains of craftworld.


Sackboy - the main hero and main character of the show.

Princess flower - Sackboy's girlfriend who helps him save the day.

bitty bob is the big funny guy who helps him save the day.

carroll - who is the leader of his gang called the nights and he is very stupid.

igor - who is the brains of the nights.

boxtoon - who is the dumbish manber of the nights and he is the brother of carrol.

Season 1 (term 1)

# Title Overview Main antagonist
Pilot the new sack-kid sackboy moved to the popit academy and meets friends while carroll trys to get the heart of cotton. carrol
1 the prank carrol trys to prank sackboy with the prankanator but sackboy knows better. carrol
2 rock creators bitty bob loved to create music, so van must do a music contest, rock frog love to do rock and roll and he wants to win the contest so he can rule the world. TBA
3 mad teacher when the teachers got a computer virus a new one came, and teach the students how to be nice students. They do not realize that this teacher is the one that spawn the computer virus. miss michel nickling
4 monkeys off the port bow sackboy get kidnapped by robot pirates which are leaded by scumblebeard the most powerful pirate that ever lived. princess flower, bitty bob and the rest of the student in the popit academy must save him before he gets unstiched. scumblebeard
5 the deed of infinity When van dies after sacrificing himself to scumblebeard, the students must race to find the deed of infinity to use it's power to bering him back to life. but miss quest wants to steal it. miss quest

Season 2 (term 2)

# Title Overview Main antagonist
1 nighty night sackboy finds himself in deepish darkish pits of the popit academy, sackboy must find his way to escape the pit but there is living wolf spider puppet known as the belldarn tries to killed sackboy. the belldarn
2 little betty princess flower finds a lost baby teddy bear which reveals to be a rope beast that brainwashed students. little betty
3 love never dies poppy created a cupid bug that makes licksa and igor so van chip make a pron (and it has Celebrities) so carrol must stop it. TBA
4 the blank face part 1 princess flower is chosen to give a speech to the entire academy, but suddenly she was kiddnaped by warn, so sackboy must save her and stop the guy who captured her. warn
5 the blank face part 2 when sackboy finds warn, warn put princess flower in a glass tomb which spawn an planet-like monster called the "govil" allows to steal all the evil energy from the villains. sackboy must destroy the govil because it will broke the laws of good and evil. warn

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