Travel yer way t' Skull Island's cave, thar be Treasure.

–The Level's Description

Skull Island is the second level of The Harbor. Its first half took placed inside a Giant Mutant Parrot, while the rest of the level tooks place in a Island and inside a Cave.


the level starts after the first level, inside of The Mutant form of Chumbeard's parrot, that is mechanical and Gross-like, Chumbeards tells the player that they need to get out of his Parrot "Wilson", the player has to avoid the Ships with flames snaking their way, hanging sponges let the player to grab onto to help your Sackboy survive being wiped out by the flaming ships. the player manage to escape out of the Parrot's mouth, being ejected from the beast, and finaly at Skull Island, Chumbeard's creation, Chumbeard tells you to find the treasure that is inside the Island's sackperson skull-like Cave, made of Cloth, as the player goes inside the cave and meets three Skeleton Pirates called "The Scalawags Pirates" who tells him to avoid mutated fish, while jumping on Skeleton Pirates with Spiked hammers, (The Collector is seen taking same three Skeleton Pirates you talk to), once the player enters the treasure room, the Mermaid Cauchermar appears crashing the selling with the anchor with eyes that shes sitting on, and tells the player that she want the ocean to be gas, to make it beauty, and fly up, and a a mutated Wilson appears (this time not being huge but bigger then Sackboy) and a MiniBoss against it takes placed, where the parrot will fly up and down, left and right, trying to catch You, it is easily defeated by Jumping on his 3 Brains, the Mutant Parrot is Defeated now, And it turns back to normal and doesn't know what happened, Chumbeard thanks him for saving Wilson and needs Sackboy to find his Sub, to get to Zola's Place before Cauchermar gets them, the Level ends with a scoreboard Dropping down.


  • Chumbeard: Egad! That Mermaid's spit has mutated me wretched polly Wilson! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!
  • Chumbeard: At last, we escape, our voyage t' Zola's land can begin! First port o' call, me mighty owns CREATION - Skull Island, t' hunt fer booty!
  • Scalawags Pirate 1: Ahoy Matey! t' get th' Treasure, ye Must AVOID! th' dangerous fish in th' Cave.
  • Scalawags Pirate 2: Avoid our Traps 'n Guards!
  • Scalawags Pirate 3: 'n Meet us at th' Treasure Room.
  • Cauchermar: Hello So Called, Sack-Thing, i heard that Chumbeard and You are taking the Treasure, but i taking it to complete my BEAUTY! including the Ocean, well as my Sub.
  • Cauchermar: and also heard that Parrot Wilson coming to this place GOOD LUCK!
  • Scary Wilson: SQUAWK!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wilson: Oi, wha' jus' Happened?
  • Chumbeard: Great Job Matey, I heard she got me SUB! Find it, or ye'll ne'er get t' ZOLA'S LAND!


  • A Globe Changer can be obtainable in this level.