melus southern is a major character in the lbp manga. she is a lonely creator curator, that created a Titan by her sadness, leads to her getting possessed by The Titan, and she hide her identity as is known as the lead havoc.


melus has a robotic body, with doll-like articulation points and a wooden head with a red flat triangle nose and has stickered pitch black gears behind his eyes, She has big shoulder pads, two forks for arms and hands, and a furnance, in her chest, She wears a blue jumpsuit with golden buttons, and has bracelets on her hands and feet which appear to have peacock feathers around it.


Similar to Mags the Mechanic and Avalon Centrifuge, melus is a scientific genius. However unlike the other two who are generally happy about their work, melus is sad. This was due to her being alone.