Japanese Cover

Japanese Manga Cover with Sackboy and his partner Yellow Head.

The Little Big Planet Manga is an upcoming comic/manga that was based off the LittleBigPlanet games. The story will be different.


Volume 1

1: Going to the Human World

Plot: Sackboy left his old planet and he had to move to his to home, Craftworld. This was the first time Sackboy had controlled his own pod. He tried controlling the pod but a mysterious vortex to another dimension sucked Sackboy and the pod in. They both then fell into a planet called Earth. Sackboy tried to pull up a parachute but he doesn't know how to use his popit. The pod pieces scattered around Tokyo and Sackboy had to find them to get back to his universe. Luckily in this chapter, he found his pod computer.

2: I'm A Hero!

Plot: Hisao takes Sackboy to his house but he told Sackboy to not move or speak because he's showing him to his sister, Ayaka. But Sackboy was not pleased about not moving or talking. Until he saw another piece in the yard.

3: I can use My Popit!

Plot: When Sackboy finally found all his pod pieces, he needs to get back to his world to move to Craftworld. But he didn't know how to use his popit. More info coming soon.

Volume 2 (the ocean heart saga)

1: the havoc of sadness

plot: in a underwater mansion which is the home to melus who is trying to turn on a machine, but she can't, because she is lonely, which ultimately forming the spirit of the titan. This titan though, it doesn't wanna consume any ideas and creativity, it would rather take its frustration out on the citizens of mastoon. the titan possess her and builds a bigger monster body like in LBP3. meanwhile Sackboy arrives on mastoon, where he came to the party which is in the white cat kingdom (which is home to the magic book), but suddenly strange masked creatures known as "Havoc" steals the book and they all run away with it. sackboy tries to stop them but the lead havoc copied the titan which become a big owl-like monster. after destroying the titan, the havoc enter into the water to escape. the white cat king tells sackboy that there is a secret hideout which is home to yellow head, a hero who will open the door of the sea, so sackboy go to the papercut forest which will be continue at chapter 2.

2: the lost hero

plot: TBA


Chapters 1, 2 and 3 might even show the Human World.

Sackboy has a mom named Mother Yarn who is a Yarnball with glasses on a rocking chair.

In the Japanese version of the manga, Sackboy has a hobby of saying "Li" at the end of his sentience because his Japanese name is LiBit.

Yellow Head is the lost hero of craftworld, and he will become Sackboy's partner in chapter 2 in Volume 2.


Manga Sackboy

Sackboy as seen in the manga.

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