is a fan made 2D platforming for PC. It is made by Mr. Aidan Flanery.


An evil version of Sackboy named boysack Who kidnapped the creator curators of bunkum. boysack escapes with pinky, marlon random, and Papal Mache into a strange portal. Sackboy follows them in the portal to into different worlds.



a forest theme.

tomorrow's world

a kitchen theme.

seaside towers

a seaside theme.

bonus valley

a space theme after you collect 3 green orbs.


(the bosses is boysack)

Boss 1: has boysack at the right edge of the screen behind a box that throw bombs at sackboy: three impact bombs (one to the far left, one to the middle, one to the far right) followed by a timed bomb. The key part to this phase is the timed bomb. Dodge the three impact bombs (running to the right, waiting for the first bomb to hit the left and then running to the left to dodge the other two bombs is a viable strategy) and grab the timed bomb. This will explode once the count down to 1, so quickly pull it to the far right and leave it next to the shooter boysack's hiding behind (and run away to safety). When it explodes, one of the small boxs in the lower part of the box will go boom. Repeat this method four times to completely blow away the box, and boysack will run then you free marlon random.

Boss 2: has boysack's robot shoots globs of electrified tofo at the player, which bounce off the floor, wall and ceiling before dissolving. you must use the cakes to hit the robot's weak spot four times. Once that is done, the machine will fall apart and you free papal mache.

Final boss: has boysack rides a giant robot spider that shoots pink square steams of plasma at sackboy. You need to shoot 4 sackbot pilots on the robot's legs, when the legs fall apart the robot's head will go inside the its rare end and turn into a robotic orb that shoot lazers as boysack piloting the orb when he is killed the orb blow up and you free pinky.

secret boss: has undead version of boysack shoots globs of electrified goo at the player, which bounce off the floor, wall and ceiling before dissolving. you must use the sponges to hit the boysack's weak spot four times. Once that is done, boysack will fall apart and boysack's head rolls away.

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