Little big planet: the movie Premium Level Kit is a Premium Adventure Pack with 3D boss fights and new platform and new costume its base on a Movie base on a game


Sackboy and his friends must save a new planet called Iana from its dreaded leader, Ratune.

Creator Curators-World-Boss

  • poke-The castle-gore T REX
  • Sir Raken-lana city-spider rex
  • sofie-the tower-ratune


the castle

A fancy theme.

lana city

A city theme.

the Tower

A hotel theme.

the castle Levels


arrives to lana (cutscene)

the training

poke's bouncing and lunching pads

rack by the rex

gore T REX (boss)

to the city (cutscene)

lana city Levels

welcome to the city (cutscene)

rolling city

gear and sponges

spiders den (boss)

a train to the tower (cutscene)

the tower Levels

meeting sofie (cutscene)

hotel packing

Elevate This

sofie get kidnapped....again (cutscene)

save sofie

ratune's true form (cutscene)

serreal and scary (boss)

the end (cutscene)


  • poke costume
  • kinght costume
  • Sir Raken costume
  • caroll costume
  • Townspeople costume
  • sofie costume
  • Elevater man costume
  • buttler (male) costume
  • buttler (female) costume

Stickers and Decorations


  • poke's face
  • arrow
  • lana planet
  • oddsock
  • toggle
  • swoop
  • sir rakken's face
  • gears
  • boss logo
  • sackbot poster
  • sofie poster
  • the tower poster
  • 2016 poster
  • sofie's face
  • closes: dancer (male)
  • closes: dancer (female)
  • closes: sports (male)
  • closes: sports (female)
  • male face
  • female face
  • ratune's face
  • gorerex's face
  • cat
  • robot
  • fuffy monster head
  • fuffy monster arm
  • fuffy monster legs
  • fuffy monster body
  • caroll's body
  • caroll's arm
  • caroll's leg
  • caroll's eyes
  • sackboy


  • the castle
  • lana city sign
  • lana city
  • house
  • tower
  • gore T REX head
  • spider rex
  • ratune shrine
  • poke shrine
  • gear
  • sofie water founten


the castle Theme Music by Kenneth Young

lana city Theme Music by Mat Clark

the tower Theme Music by Mat Clark and Kenneth Young

boss battle music by Plaid

ratune theme by Winifred Phillips

ratune boss music by Paul Thomson

Caravan Palace by Dramophone (lbp edit)

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