The story and levels of LittleBigPlanet Karting 2.0

Level Setting Description Rivals Music Mode
Tutorial First Steamrush Gardens Oh No! Craftworld is now getting a grim dark makeover, Guess we need to test your new Kart for this? None Noveltones - Left Bank Two (Guitar Cover) Race Mode
Garden Overdrive Steamrush Gardens Race these Pirates in the now metal Gardens! The Spooky Goons (Tina, Morg and Smelly) The Gardens intMusic (Cotten Wheel Mix) Team Mode
Breakfast Machine Outbreak David's Seaside The Breakfast Boys are stealing the Marbles that powered David Shellman's Breakfast Maker, you must collected them before they do! The Breakfast Boys (Bacon, Toast and Cereal) Caravan Palace - Black Betty Macguffin Mode
Dragon's Sky The Ziggurat The Matryoshka Sisters are faster them you, try to win for Ziggurat's Queen. The Matryoshka Sisters (Dolly, Molly and Golly) The Ziggurat intMusic (Rework) Team Mode
Cro-Magnon Carnival Prehistoric Land Someone's freezing the Carnival, so you have to battle them! The Super Freezers (Freezatron, Ice Screamer and Frosty) TBA Battle Mode
Bunker TV The Wilderness The Collector's Lair, now as a broadcasting station for Contract's Racing Tournament, is being attack by Pirates, You and your team must stop them before they take things! The Spooky Goons (Tina, Morg and Smelly) TBA Macguffin Mode
The Discard Factory Jackpot City The super popular Pop Band has challenge Sackboy and Friends to race them in the Discard Factory, hope they won't invite the crazy fans. Boy Bop Boys (Super Joe, Super O and Super Goo) Mobel Citizen (Rework) Team Mode
Super Race: Director's Cut Tinsel Town The Director has know that he needs sackboy back to for his Movie, in which he film the car chase in order to be in The Top 10 Car Chases! The Dirty Gang (Gary, Dan and Jankies) Junior Senior - An Itch you can't scratch Team Mode
The Now Now! Final Space Zone Once beating each all 7 Rivals, the gang must the Contract Mcbusiness at The Star, would the Sack Gang WIN!? The Boss (Contract Mcbusiness, Jonny and Tommy) TBA Team Mode
Super Warp! Final Space Zone Toolie has double cross us, we must stop her from getting to the Portal to Craftworld... before it's too late! The Spooky Goons (Evil Toolie, Morg and Smelly) TBA Team Mode


Start of Story

Sackboy and Friends were testing out there Karts in The Gardens, just having a good time, but then the sky revealing a giant star, that falls to the ground, which makes the tracks twisted and making the everything in The Garden into a robotic vehicle-theme city place, and Sackboy and Friends must go to the Star and it reveals to be huge racing tournament by a rich man named "Contract Mcbusiness" who wants a Winner to raced through dimensions and challenge 7 other teams to have the "Clockwise Jewel" (a magic jewel that recreates worlds into a world that the user wants) so Sackboy and Friends, with a help of an Engineer named "Toolie" must race the 7 Racing Teams to get it.

End of Story

Once Sackboy and Friends beat the 7 Teams, and after racing Contract Mcbusiness he now give them the Clockwise Jewel but the pirate captain Tina stole it to powered her Hover Kart and reveals to be Toolie with a mustache and plans to used the Clockwise Jewel to take over Craftworld and so they must stop her, after defeating Toolie, they manage to get the Jewel and throw it to the ocean, to let no one find, and Toolie came back and said that the Toolie they race is an evil version of her who kidnapped her. The Game ends with Sackboy and Friends and Everyone have a Dance Party.