LittleBigPlanet Karting 2 is a sequel of little big planet karting. It is made by sumo digital and United Front Games, the creators of ModNation Racers. The game was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on 2016.


Sackboy is testing with his kart when suddenly, a mysterious orb used its claws to spawn arenas and track on a different planet sackboy got teleported to the arena on top of the orb ruled by j104 who want sackboy and the hoard and the hollows and the girls to race to the tracks and arenas on craftworld again


vickton city

A city and garden theme.

flashing rodeo

a disco and rodeo theme.

galatic land

a future theme.

the orb of j104

a syfy theme.


  • Boss 1: the monster: a monster truck that chases Sackboy through the track. that propels bombs at Sackboy and can rewind or speed up time. alfter getting though its bomb sackboy go through a wooden bridge witch the monster broken the wooden bridge and fall to its death.
  • Boss 2: the bull: a huge two headed train that will try to crush Sackboy's kart with his flying claws the bull also can suck you and try to pull you towards him. When this happens, you must shoot his mouth to get out of his grasp. To defeat the bull, Sackboy used a lazer ray to blast the train's eye. as you weaken the bull he will blow up.
  • Boss 3: the beast: is a giant spaceship that chases Sackboy through the level (kinda like the monster). but he shoot lazers that threaten to push Sackboy off. alfter getting though its lazers sackboy go through a a sign witch the beast get crash and blown apart.
  • Final boss: project negative: the negativitron version of project 5 his mechanics is similar to the master core from sonic free riders zero gravity and the trash monster from the first little big planet karting game.First, he throw bomb at you must shoot it with a lazer ray at its sheld three time after the sheld blow up sackboy used a jetpack to thrush to the giant orb attach to project negative and his left arm fall off. second its project negative propels bombs at Sackboy you must shoot it with a lazer ray at its sheld three times and used a jetpack to thrush to the giant orb again his right arm fall off. and he do same attacks both in a pattern and used a jetpack to thrush to the giant orb again he finally blow up in junk.


  • the mayor is a creator curator who lived in in vickton city.
  • nela sub is a sassy creator curator who is one of your clihe character who want to go to the mall.
  • captain hero is a creator curator who have large amounts of creativity.
  • j104 is the main antagonist who not a bad guy becuse he wanted everyone to have fun.

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