LittleBigPlanet Dark is the sequel to LittleBigPlanet. Some levels from the community appear in this game.

Creator Curators-World-Boss

  • Robo Trainer-The Simulation-none
  • Green Star-Evil Twin Planet-The Hooded One
  • Dragon Man-Ancient Times-Shadow Dragon
  • Old Timer-Grey Realm-none
  • The Creator-The Festival-The Possesed Creator
  • The Collector-The Wilderness-The Possesed Collector
  • The Grandking-The Meadow-none
  • The Evil One-Castle of Shadows-The Evil One


There is a bigger story then LittleBigPlanet.

The Simulation

Sackboy just finished playing ball with his new friend The Collector, who has turned good. However, when he gets home he gets sucked into his computer, where he meets Robo Trainer. Robo Trainer tells Sackboy that The collector was not actually evil, not even when he was still kidnapping people. He was possesed by someone known as The Evil One. Robo Trainer teaches Sackboy how to play, fight, and solve puzzles. After the three lessons Robo Trainer sends Sackboy blasting out of the computer so he can fight The Evil One.

Evil Twin Planet

When Sackboy got launched from the computer he flew past the Evil One's Castle of Shadows and all the way up to space. He met Green Star. Green Star told Sackboy his evil twins were there! Sackboy beat all the Evil Twins and met Green Star at the evil one's castle. However, the castle had disapeared. Sackboy found that a hooded person was behind the evil twins. Sackboy fought past the Hooded One. Then The Hooded One appeared again and they had a bigger fight. Then the Green Star sent Sackboy in a spaceship to get back to his LittleBigPlanet.

Ancient Times

Sackboy accidentally flew into a time warp, in which a dragon-human hybrid named Dragon Man lives. Dragon Man trained Sackboy in the arts of swordsmanship. Then Sackboy went to fight the evil dragon hatchlings. After defeating the hatchlings, their mom, the Shadow Dragon, appeared. Sackboy ran away and defeated the Shadow Dragon. Dragon Man thanked him and told him that there was a portal to Sackboy's time, but it would take a detour through another time.