bosses are enemys in little big planet 4


abajacker trys to push sackboy away To defeat the dust bunny, you have jump on its head 4 times untill falls down.


she will try to catch Sackboy with her tentacles as Sackboy swims underwater. If Sackboy touches one of pailen's tentacles, Sackboy immediately dies. pailen also can hypnotize you and try to pull you towards him. When this happens, you must rapidly click the X button to get out of his grasp. He also hypnotizes the crew of a pirate ship in the distance to shoot cannonballs at Sackboy frequently. Pufferfish and eels in the water are also hypnotized and will immediately kill you upon contact as well. To defeat her, you need a cannonball to hit each of his three weakspots three times. While it is not hard to hit the weekspots, it is very hard to avoid the tentacles and fish, especially because the fish become more frequent as you weaken pailen.


kasala chases Sackboy through the level. There are constantly moving metal bars that threaten to push Sackboy off (sometimes Sackboy might have to jump on them to get somewhere else, however), and the floor is slowly crumbling. Sackboy must be constantly running or the kasala will catch up with him and kill him. The entire level is connected with a confusing network of crumbling platforms and metal bars. Ten small clocks can be found around the area, which must be winded forwards by clicking in front of them. If all are turned to midnight, the kasala will automatically sync with the other clocks and go into Sleep Mode (it will stop flying and fall all the way down the clocktower, falling to its death). If the clocks are not winded forwards in time, all of the ground will have crumbled (the ground crumbles completely in three minutes!) and you will fail.

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