Below is a list of cut dialogue and levels from LBP4.

Unused Dialogue


There is quite a lot of cut dialogue from the level Starship. Most of the cut dialogue is at the beginning of the level.


This dialogue suggests there was an option to choose whether you would be called Sackthing, Sackboy, or Sackgirl. To be Sackthing, you would press X, to be Sackboy, square, and to be Sackgirl, O.

Bluewick: Really? "Sackthing"? He's a Sackboy... right? Or is she a Sackgirl?

Redwick: Um... well...

Bluewick: [sarcastic] Oh, I know, Redwick! He or she's "Sackandrogyne", right? That must be it!

Redwick: Fine, then. Sackboy, or Sackgirl?

Bluewick: Or Sackandrogyne!

Redwick: Bluewick...

If cross is pressed:

Bluewick: I was being sarcastic, you know, you really don't have to name yourself...

Redwick: Well, it's settled! Sackandrogyne! Eh, that's hard to say. I'll call you Sackthing for short.

Bluewick: Well played...

If square is pressed:

Redwick: Good choice.

Bluewick: Redwick, you would probably say the exact same thing if he chose Sackgirl. You really don't care...

Redwick: Does it matter?

If circle is pressed:

Redwick: Good choice.

Bluewick: Are you sure? All of the Sackboys will be checking you out, and that's not a good feeling. I know because everyone checks me out.

Redwick: BLUEWICK.

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