Sackboy and friends winds up in underground after an incident.


The game opens as da vinci narrates a story about how a sack head robots known as "big men" were created, how they attack, and clones were made. It started when creator curators created the first big men, which then they created many others, which some were put to work or play,and it was good for a while. Until one big men, a reference to A-101, attacked a child because of the child's pouting because he refused to play after a hard day at work. Relations began to dwindle and the big mens were banished to the wasteland, the big men created there own world and upgrade there own armor. Then, the ragpeople go to war with the big men, which the ragpeople attacked the big mens' primary resource, wopits, because without it, the big mens would not function. Eventually, the tide turned against the ragpeople as the big mens gained far greater numbers and superior weaponry. The Defeat forced the ragpeople to flee to underground, The scene suddenly cuts to the present with da vinci telling the story, claiming that sackboy will stop the big men and saved the ragpeople. after that, we cut to sackboy and his friend, taking a holiday, planning to go to many exotic locations. but acidently fall into a underground world. sackboy wakes up and He is deposited high on a mountain in oct, where he meets hermen. hermen tells the city of oct is almost ruins and its citizens which are rusted. Pursued by little men (sackpeople with spider legs instead of arms and legs), sackboy and hermen entered a magical door accessed by a gold key that hermen had. then enters a white room where he explains that King scaren has been captured by the men king, who is responsible for the City's destruction. Sackboy and hermen travel to taplug Manor, where they head for the roof and defeat hexus 's guardian. the two now meets princess hexus in hopes of getting more information, but she is working with the men King and caged them and ther shot them out of a cannon.

chapter 1: the nagaleen valley

after getting shot out of a cannon sackboy, and hermen enters the broken desert and meet scarenwho explains he was brought back to life via feba's dust of life. sackboy uses the dust of Life to revifed the flop (a skateboard with an eye on the top front),transport then to old camera to new styled camera, to reach the negaleen valley where Sackboy meets fog bag. To free Oddsock, fog says, Sackboy must find three gold crystals to open the door to where Oddsock is. Eventually Sackboy finds the crystals and frees Oddsock, after freeing oddsock, one of the men king's hitmen the "Wingling", attacks the valley, leading to a battle between oddsock and the Wingling. sackboy joins the fight, but is injured, and oddsock soon defeats the Wingling, after the defeat of the wingling, fog bag makes a plane by using two sofas, seven gears, a trusters, and rope. Using the plane to take them to la en marchant foret horloge.

chapter 2: la en marchant forêt horloge

Sackboy, Oddsock, and scaren then go to la en marchant foret horloge where they encounter bong blue, bong blue tells the heroes they must find three marbles to free Toggle. Sackboy finds all three, and frees Toggle, after freeing toggle the tiny men (sackpeople with fingers for arm and legs) melt and mix together turn into a dog valcano-like chomper and swallowed toggle, Toggle narrowly dodges acid and he must escaped flouding acid,toggle navigates the chomper's gut, and blow up the testents, causing the creature to fall apart. toggle runs ahead to break open the teeth and let them all out. With the chomper defeated,and are saved from death by bong blue, and took them to boo mountain

chapter 3: sleeping skys

Sackboy, Oddsock, and Toggle go to Bunkum Lagoon to rescue Swoop. queen spearka tells them they must find three toscano designed eggs hidden there. They find them, and free Swoop. after freeing swoop a "bell beast" that will try to catch Swoop with his grilling hands as swoop flies, and after defeating it, herman arrives and slays the bell beast. Now all the heroes have all returned, and the four go into boo mountain which is the the men King's mountain. In his underground domain, the men King tells sackboy that the Scaren stole the armor from him to build the City of octs, and should be destroyed. He does not listen when sackboy protests that the armor preceded the Scaren at the city. The Scaren has been turned into an puppet, and the group has three guesses each to identify which one he is, or they will be turned into puppets themselves. herman, scaren and bong blue each fail and are turned into puppets and ther banished to the land of retro. The men King gives sackboy the chance to go home unscathed since he has him glowing gloves, but sackboy refuses to use them to leave his companions.


on sackboy, oddsock, toggle, and swoop's last quest, they went to the land of retro, having deduced that people from octs turn into puppets. The hunt for puppet yields herman and scaren, but the enraged men King, who has trapped hexus in a crystal cage, confronts sackboy and company and transforms in a "giant beast" where he eats the herman's roboticl legs. He tries to eat Jack, but sackboy and must stop him, toggle narrowly dodges the men king's hands, and manages to get a bomb into the creature's mouth. Swoop flies down the throat, and uses a cannon to fire the bomb to blow up the gut. oddsock runs ahead to break its eye and sackboy used a launch a orb at the men king's brain. the men King crumble into many pieces all around sackboy and his friends. after the men king's defeat, the rest of the big men turn glowing sparks and they fly up into the sky, causing the cave to open and freeing the people from underground. One month later, the ragpeople made a massive statue honoring sackboy and the other heros. sackboy, writes only three words: "little big planet." The game's story mode ends with sackboy and da vinci revealing the entire creator curator around him.

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