LittleBigPlanet 4 is one of the many games in the LittleBigPlanet series, completely doing away with the whole "layer" system, and, instead, giving a whole new "dimension system", i.e the "3 Dimensional Environment Plane (3DEP)" with full 3 Dimensional movement and physics, as well as camera. All levels are still there and, for compatibility reasons, the layer system is optional.

Release date

LittleBigPlanet 4 came out on April 2 2019 for Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One Microsoft Windows for Ubisoft.

Technical info

The game itself has a very strange engine, which is built from a mixture of old content and a lot of new code. The programming language is entirely unique. The resources it takes up is compressed to about 2.73 kilobytes, meaning that while you can have huge, extremely detailed chunks of level, you will almost always have an extremely smooth frame rate. There is also a frame rate counter in create, but its usefulness is questionable. It uses something called seamless updating, which means the game can, and will, update at any time, even while you are playing or a level is loading, hence being seamless. All old content/DLC is pre-unlocked.

Create mode

It has a particularly odd, and standard, Create mode, with Stephen Fry as the narrator, as usual. However, there really isn't much you can't do in the create mode, as now it is completely limitless, allowing you to even script your own tools, as well as edit existing ones. The dimensional system is also interesting as, with no layer system, anything can be rotated in any plane. Holding "select" while creating enables these 3D placement options, and you can draw inward/outward with materials, as well as corner edit any surface. The premade items in the game are also no longer models, and can be recreated, and edited, using the modeling tool. In an update, LittleBigPlanet 4 got an optional "Advanced Edit" mode, which is a completely new Create mode type, which closely resembles Maya, Blender, and Photoshop. This is the mode the developers used to make the game. Interestingly, all old logic the game doesn't recognize is replaced with a "Script Element".


Costumes have also had an overhaul, as now you can model and create your own characters with their own unique abilities.

The Pod

The Pod is very different from the original, and, as such, has had mapping and loading issues with older pods, which were later fixed in the seamless updates. The Pod Computer has also experienced an interesting redesign, as the style resembles that of LittleBigPlanet Vita. 3D is allowed in the Pod, as well as a limited creation mode(which automatically resets if the Pod level is corrupted). Water is also allowed in the Pod, and, as experienced through extreme Pod creation exploits, the Pod's layer amount is set, by default, to 614.0, and the Pod is situated between layers 300-307. The info fridge now exists in the game again, and is where you buy Downloadable Content. It has been renamed the "Forevermore Fridge". The earth, moon, and fridge are all just models, projected using developer-hidden (i.e, accessible but not openly shown.) commands in an inaccessible Script Element. The pod has different areas, such as a menu where you can challenge, assist, and even chat with other players.


The story system is way different than the original, adding about 11,562 objects-worth of collectibility. The story system itself has also changed, adding more depth to the story itself, such as having a separate "planet" system, like LittleBigPlanet Karting, which actually can be used by anybody to create elaborate adventures. There are exactly 100 curators as of this moment. There are 114 new characters in LittleBigPlanet 4, as well as old characters. The old quest characters from LittleBigPlanet 3 are now actual curators. The LittleBigPlanet 2 characters also returned to the scene, and have an entire planet dedicated to them in the story. The story is also considerably more dark, featuring some minor expletives, such as 'damn', 'crap', 'hell', etc. It also has more adult undertones, as mentions of sexual subject matter and murder, death, and bodily fluids (like blood, wounds, etc.) are in the story.


Redwick is the official main character of LittleBigPlanet 4. He is voiced by Hugh Laurie, and is quite a kind, serious, and sophisticated character. You earn the "Popit Powerup" sackpocket from him.


Redwick is literally a blue Redwick, being also the complete opposite in moral values. However, he is not a villain.

Mr. Qube

An entirely evil, selfish, yellowhead-like creature who feeds off of the energy of creativity. He is the main villain. You earn the "Eraser" sackpocket from him.

Vera Oblonsky

One of the many returning LittleBigPlanet 3 characters. Unlike before, she is now a curator, her planet theme being medieval. You earn the "Spear" sackpocket from her.

Captain Pud

Again, a returning character. His planet theme/background being a sea theme(which also marks the return of the "English Seaside" background.)

Papal Mache

Again, a returning character. His planet theme/background being the russian theater(which also marks the return of the "Russian Theatre" background.)

The King

Again, a returning character, which is quite interesting being that the original wasn't a sackbot. His costume has been modeled after the LittleBigPlanet 1 king. His planet theme/background being a classic theme (in which you earn the "The Synthesis of the Cosmos" music, which is an interactive version of the LittleBigPlanet 3 pod theme).


Again, a returning character. Her planet theme/background being a news theme. You earn the "Bubble Grenade" sackpocket from her, as well as the "Shield" sackpocket.


Listing all of the curators is planned in future edits.


The gameplay is fully 3D, while also allowing 2.5D mechanics for compatibility purposes. As it is built in an entirely new engine, a lot of old bugs have been patched, however, new bugs have taken their place. You could make your own backgrounds with your own models and textures.

Fixed/new bugs

(LBP3)Profile corruption

Status: Unknown

Now, the game saves "states" of your profile every 1.2 microseconds (any lower would cause massive lag) each only taking up about 1.7KB more than the last. It never overwrites (only in extreme cases) them as it dynamically compresses them. However, it's not impossible (see the fatal bugs section).

(LBP3)Blank popit

Status: Fixed

Since the game runs in an entirely new programming language with completely new code, this, like many others, has been fixed and will not return.

(LBP4)Edit story/god glitch

Status: Active

Since the game allows limitless scripting, with said Script Element, one can dig deep into the game, load story levels in create mode, edit the pod, edit the script of a prize bubble to contain developer logic(which can be tweaked/selected without fear of returning to pod, and is usually early versions of existing logic, such as the Hud Element), materials, pods, costumes, backgrounds, and even a fresh, uncaptured paintball (the one you find in the projectiles section of your tools bag), etc. All logic without a "model" is displayed as a "Script Element".

(LBP4)Gyroscope glitch

Status: Fixed

If you placed an LittleBigPlanet 2/3 Gyroscope onto an object in a 3D level, the affected object would start flying around and stretching until it abruptly kicked you to Pod. Returning to Pod before it kicked you would have caused your sackperson/profile physics to become broken and glitchy The Gyroscope is now automatically replaced with the 3D variant in 3D levels, and physics are not loaded from the savedata's constants anymore.

Fixed/new fatal bugs

(LBP4)Game Access Violation Error

Status: Fixed

Frequency: Extremely Rare

Randomly, while playing through the game, a write error could occur which could have the potential to make very minor changes to things such as the physics values in the save file, configuration, file pointers, etc. Usually, these changes are unnoticeable while playing, but when the game tries to read from said invalid pointers, or gets a float when trying to process an int (which is usually supposed to be corrected by the save handlers whilst saving), or, even more extreme, when trying to save/load backups from invalid locations, they can be catastrophic. Profile corruptions can result from this, corruption of custom content (such as custom levels, objects, costumes, etc.) can result from this, or worse, full game corruption can result from this (install data, DLC data, profile data, update data, etc.). Usually, the game catches these errors, but, regardless of what you do ingame, there is no known prevention of this yet, however, if this happens, DO NOT force-quit the game, as you are cutting off the games' chance to fix the error before it quits. This was caused by a stray pointer in the game's code referencing bad object data, and has since been patched, with affected (not corrupted) save files being fixed along with it

List of new tools

All logic in game is a branch of the Script Element. Thus, everything can have its script edited, even materials and objects. Another intriguing fact is that all LittleBigPlanet 4 logic has the word "Element" succeeding it.

Script Element

Exactly what it says. You can get even more in depth by adding more functions, and creating new logic. Can also set global and local variables.

Lethal Ice/Dry Ice

Basically, it's the Ice from early LittleBigPlanet, converted to the entirely new engine, as well as most bugs fixed.

Hud Element

Used to be a developer only tool. Now, it's in the game officially for everyone.


Allows storage of global and local variables. Basically the replacement of the Memorizer, except it isn't permanent unless set to be.

Colorizer Element

Allows colorization of anything that gives off light. Used to be developer only.

Filter Element

Allows filtering of inputs. Used to be developer only.

Display Element

Allows display of graphics such as text, stickers, and 3D objects. Different than a note. Can be placed on Hud Element.

Script codes

In fact, some of the scripts used for the logic ingame (i.e the param options) have been reverse-engineered. These can be seen in-game through the Script Editor. However, the params are not, and can only be edited from choosing the "change labeling" button in the tweak menu, below the "modify script" button.

[BLOCK #2] %% Threshold Element


Param.Name "Threshold Element"


Param.Desc "Allows you to set the range your input(s) will have to stay within in order to activate."


DefineElementInternalVariable MAXTHRES

DefineElementInternalVariable MINTHRES

DefineElementInternalVariable MAXINPUT

DefineElementInternalVariable INVERTED

NewInputs [0+MAXINPUT.Value]

NewOutputs [0+MAXINPUT.Value]

NewSetting	[0]

	Type Counter

	NameReference MAXINPUT

	Name "Number of Inputs"

	MinValue 0

	MaxValue inf

NewSetting	[1]

	Type Percentage

	NameReference MAXTHRES

	Name "Maximum Threshold"

	MinValue 0

	MaxValue (if.MINTHRES.MaxValue > Self.Value (MINTHRES.Value,100))

NewSetting	[2]

	Type Percentage

	NameReference MINTHRES

	Name "Minimum Threshold"

	MinValue 0

	MaxValue MAXTHRES.MaxValue

NewSetting	[3]

	Type Boolean

	NameReference INVERTED

	Name "Inverted"

NewSeparator "Inputs"


	Setting 0


	DisplayType Counter


NewSeparator "Settings"


	Setting 1


	DisplayType Slider



	Setting 2


	DisplayType Slider


NewSeparator "Output"


	Setting 3


	DisplayType Swap

Swap.Option [0]

	Value false

	Icon DefaultNo

	Name "No"

Swap.Option [1] 

	Value true

	Icon DefaultYes

	Name "Yes"

Script [0]

if.Inputs(0+MAXINPUT.Value).Value<MINTHRES.Value or if.Inputs(0+MAXINPUT.Value).Value>MAXTHRES.Value

	Set Outputs(0+MAXINPUT.Value) 0


	Set Outputs(0+MAXINPUT.Value) Inputs(0+MAXINPUT.Value).Value

Script [1]

if.INVERTED.Value true


New gameplay characters


Can climb grabbable materials and rubber. Can traverse through areas other characters can't, such as a tight maze. Can get crushed easily. Cannot swim.

Unused/internal content

Through certain exploits with the Script Element, it is possible to get these. The game's data is pretty much a mixture of all of the previous LittleBigPlanet versions for maximum compatibility, meaning stuff like "Special Bubbles", "Prize Egg", and "Walker" are all fully-functional and work as partially intended, albeit a little unfinished. Some of these are seen in the game, but are locked away/used by internal game scripts.



Some scripted logic from some of the earlier story levels. Does exactly what its description says, "moves things a little bit". Basically a Script Element.


  • NOT A SACKBOT* Sackthing

The player object. Usually assigned a form and appended to a player on level load/destruction. Different than a Sackbot. Cannot be tweaked. Game crashes to Pod if it dies.


From early versions of LittleBigPlanet. Game crashes to Pod if it is placed down.

Pod Decal

A decal appended to the Pod's hard-coded collision box. Stored in a separate level. Cannot be decorated, but an invisible decoration surface is hard-coded into the Pod level to allow stickers/decorations.

Pod Collision

The Pod collision box. Stored in a separate level. Cannot be decorated.

Pod Level Map

The adventure map decal.

List of Pod Levels

List of Pod level filenames and their respective associations.


Pod map. Has unknown non-scripted logic to load other levels. Crashes to pod if tweaked. Layers on by default. Default layer count setting is 614.0.


Pod decal. Cannot be stickered/decorated.


Pod decoration map.


Pod collision map.


Pod camera pathway level. Some non-scripted logic resides here, presumably camera waypoints. The logic itself is very strange, as it is separate from the Script Element. It uses a strange, spiky pink dot as a model. Can be tweaked, and is named "*POD ONLY* Pod Camera". Uses interface like all other cameras. Crashes to Pod if loaded outside of Pod level(s).


Pod planets.


The Pod background.


The adventure map screen.