These are the Worlds of LittleBigPlanet 3D.


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Dreamtime is the first area where you meet Shira Whidnsy.


Sackboy journey to the Dreamtime where he meets the guardian of the very first LittleBigPlanet idea "Shira Whidnsy". Along the way, the world becomes more detailed. Once the player gets to meet Shira, she explains that the Plot Book is stolen by someone, and after that, she plays Didgeridoo that opens up a Path to Tinsel Parts.

Tinsel Parts

in the first chapter of the game, Sackboy fells out of the rift and end up in Tinsel Parts (a abandon amusement park), Sackboy walks to a mysterious person who is standing on a statue, the person wakes up and fells off the statue in front of sackboy, the mysterious person reveal himself to be Zippy (who is not the creator curator but a Secret Secretary). Sackboy tells Zippy about the Plot Book (by changing into different Costumes since sackboy did not talk). so Zippy tells Sackboy to get Wizard's Castle (a talking castle know exactly what's going on here), so it can tell him what happened to the Plot Book, Sackboy meets the creator curator, Eugene Piper, where his ideas where Stolen, since Wizard's Castle has Shut Down, each Quest-Givers will give Sackboy a quest and after completing them they give them Beeds to turn on the Active Machine, after getting all Beeds from each Quest Givers, the Active Machine has turn on, causing the big Blue door to open a path to the Castle, once Sackboy got through, a giant Robotic Dragon Sir "Bomb-alot" is blocking the path, and tries to Stop Sackboy, Sackboy manage to defeat the beast, enters the Place where the Castle was unplugged, Sackboy Plugged the Castle on, which brings it back to life, but it lose a bit pieces of memory, The Castle knows the Plot Book (since it knows about Magic), the castle remembers a odd witch that steal it,

White Wolf Mountain 

in the second chapter of the game, Sackboy,


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Sackvile is the first Book of The Game