LittleBigPlanet 2 ps vita is a fangame made by mr aidan flanery for the ps vita.


As in previous titles in the LittleBigPlanet series, players control a character named Sackboy/Sackgirl through a variety of worlds utilising the character's various abilities such as jumping and grabbing objects. but it has new features which is 16 layers, new characters and also climbing.


Sackboy and the other sackpeople are celebrating the day where sackboy save carnivalia and craftworld, when suddenly, a mysterious vortex sucking up everyone which Sackboy get detch by the vortex. so He must then free new heroes roller, glower, and flouts and save his people


The story planets is divided into separate planet similar to LittleBigPlanet Karting but ther connected with string.


the boomerana

A Australia theme.

gar valley

A greek theme.

dom luna lagoon

A sum and moon theme with a psychedelic designs.

the marlana

A surreal theme.


New Playable Characters

  • Sackboy is the only character in the game who can use Powerups, Sackpocket and the Controlinator. He can also climb onto certain materials.
  • roller is a hamster like sack-thing in a ball that can roll his why out of here.
  • glower is a bug like sack thing that can glow in the dark.
  • flouts is the sackperson that able to be touch between float in 10 seconds.

Non-Playable Characters

  • aku flam - A kind king who is the creator curator of the boomerana. he is voiced by Tom Clarke Hill
  • kevin lar -  The Creator Curator of gar valley, who appears to be a little bonkers. He is voiced by Nolan North.
    • garla - A softspoken queen who is the creator curator of the dom luna lagoon. She was voiced by Jo Wyatt.
      • mr L - The tribal creator curator of the marlana, who is allergic to hamsters. He is voiced by Simon Greenall.
        • mr flost - A shopkeeper who has a costume shop for every theme. He is voiced by tom kenny.


Boss 1: the beast machine: is a robotic wildebeest head with a spiked base; it moves left and right with the player and then stomps down for the kill. There are two "brains" on the left and right. All you have to do is hit the two whilst avoiding being hit. Its best to run one way, and then jolt back the other before he strikes for an easy dodge. After the two brains are destroyed, the machine goes crazy and starts launching electric spheres. You must destroy the two brains again whilst avoiding the spikes and electricity. First, stand to the left to avoid the first barrage of jolts and pop the left brain. Then, do the opposite, for it fires on alternate sides. Once the brains have gone, the machine is detroyed.

boss 2: the hydra: a Elemental robot which it piloted by an army that shoots deadly flaming beams through the pinball style room. as roller roll his way at the hydra's brains. Be careful to time your roll into a other pipe correctly. There will be 2 you have to roll into a other pipe. Once close enough, throw the cake at the machines exposed brain. Once done three times, the machine will grow another set of brains and walk up to the next floor where the hydra shoots a straight beam of electricity across the room at three points of elevation:

  • Near the top of the room.
  • The middle of the room.
  • Just above floor level.

As before, you have to recreate pipes where roller have to hit his three brains, however, the last shot of the three elevations will kill roller if he roll fast to avoid it. Once all three brains are killed, and the hydra blow up.

boss 3: la nightmare: a circular shape beetle that will smash glower, la nightmare will go to the center of the arena and be surrounded by black goop, which has no real effect other than increasing its size, as the goop does not slow down or stop the glower's flashs. It will hit the outer walls of the arena in hope of making you lose life, and will chase you every once in a while As damage is given to it, it will split apart into two new, smaller beetles, and will repeat until there are four that need to be killed. Once the last four are killed, la nightmare is exterminated and the player will proceed to end the level.

final boss: evil sackboy aka randall: a evil version of sackboy and also a character from the beginning of the game. his battle has him at the right edge of the screen behind a platform chucking bombs at you: three impact bombs (one to the far left, one to the middle, one to the far right) followed by a timed bomb. The key part to this phase is the timed bomb. Dodge the three impact bombs (running to the right, waiting for the first bomb to hit the left and then running to the left to dodge the other two bombs is a viable strategy) and grab the timed bomb. This will explode once the arrow circle rotates around and points at the stationary arrow, so quickly pull it to the far right and leave it next to the platform randal's hiding behind (and run away to safety). When it explodes, the bomb will leave a crater in the lower part of the platform. Repeat this method three or four times to completely blow away the platform, and randall will run away to the right to start the second phase of the fight where floats will have to hit the randall's robot brains,4 times. You will bounce on bounce pads and float. This may look like the easiest part, but it is actually hard because you might try to float to the bounce pad that is too far away and fall on the floor and pop to death. When you get all of the robot's brains, you will proceed to the 3rd phase where he has a brains on his head but he shoot electric spheres. Jump on one side before they fire and pop the brains, then wait for the barrage to stop. Hop down, and electric canisters will rain from the ceiling; dodge them at all cost! Run the opposite way they are falling from. Then, repeat for the opposite side that still has two brains. Next, when the canisters fall down, a bounce pads will spawn to allow use as a ledge. Use it to destroy the brain whilst it is unprotected (when the electric rains from above) after you hit his brain randall blast off in a mirror and blow up.

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