LittleBigPlanet: The Movie is a British computer-animation comedy adventure film based on the video game of the same name


Sackboy finds out that he had a sister who is kidnapped in the Night Lands and his friends, Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop must go there and find Sofie, and while that Ratune wants her since she was the one to powered his War Machines, and Sackboy and Friends don't want that and they have to stop him. 


  • Sackboy (The main character of the Movie)
  • Toggle (The kind chubby Sackperson and the Tiny grumpy Sackperson)
  • Oddsock (Sackboy's Pet)
  • Swoop (The genius bird)
  • Poke (The wise old man)
  • The Narrator (The voice who narrated the story)
  • Ratune (The Main Bad guy)
  • Sofie (Sackboy's Sister)
  • Sir Raken (The Bellhop and Knight)
  • Gorerex (Ratune's Minions)
  • Billy (The blue Monster who stole Keys)