After wild adventures in Bunkum, Sackboy and friends return to Craftworld. Starting over by the luxurious seaside, Sackboy and Co. realize Newton's machine may have over-shot them by a little bit.

They soon meet the evil Craftling, a being who lives in the past and future.


The Seaside

The Gardens

The Savannah

The Russian Theatre

The Metropolis

The American Midwest Train

The Factory of a Better Tomorrow

The Wilderness


Victoria's Laboratory

The Temple

DaVinci's Hideout

Eve's Asylum

The Craft-Core


The Int.Music in the game is all composed by Mat Clark and Kenneth Young, creators of most LittleBigPlanet1 songs.

The game revisits the old LittleBigPlanet1 and LittleBigPlanet2 themes, adding the unused themes from both games inbetween.

Media Molecule returns to help create the game.


Intro -

Misc Tracks :

Sleepy Head [Renamed to Dreamers Song] -

Flirty Cha Cha Cha -

Get Your Boots On -

Beta Songs:

Duplicate of Leaders of Men -

8Bit LBT -


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