The Kirby Kit is a Level Kit (which uses the Weapon System) created by Twenty-Second Choice. It contains five levels, a few objects, and some stickers.


Sackboy arrives in Dreamland, where he finds that Kirby has been locked away by King Dedede. Meta Knight helps Sackboy, by teaching him about Copy Abilities. Using his new ability, Sackboy sets out to free Kirby. However, upon arriving at Mt. Dedede and infiltrating the castle, he discovers that King Dedede has been possessed by Dark Matter. After a fierce battle, Dark Matter is defeated. The only reason he possessed Dedede was so that people would use more Dark Matter Material in their levels. Sackboy agrees to help him, and Dark Matter becomes a good guy. The next level, everything is made out of Dark Matter. However, Nightmare appears and replaces the Dark Matter with new materials; therefore they lose the ability to float and fall to the ground. Sackboy holds on until it all crashes to the floor, starting an earthquake. Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede all appear and help Sackboy fly into the sky to fight Nightmare. With their help, he is defeated and the world is saved. As a gift for restoring the Dark Matter, Dark Matter himself gives you a Gooey Object.




Stickers and Decorations


  • Kirby Face
  • Meta Knight Mask
  • Galaxia
  • King Dedede's Hammer
  • Warpstar
  • Waddle Dee Face
  • Dark Matter
  • Nightmare
  • Gooey
  • Cappy
  • Cappy (Transformed)


  • Dedede Badge

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