The Havocs are mischievous enemies encountered in LittleBigPlanet 3D. There broken Toys that are sent to life by The Storm Queen, they are similiar to The Meanies from LittleBigPlanet 2 and The Hollows from LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. as they usually fought on foot and they sometimes use vehicles to fight.

Types of Havocs

  • Regular Havocs - The main species, they are Rabbit dolls with two crosses on there eyes, and do not like Sackboy. Early in the game, Sackboy had to dodge their attacks. to defeat them, Sackboy need to used to throw bombs at them or used a useful Power-up.
  • Stalkers - These Havocs can hide in the dark, swooped around, and trying to sneak up on Sackboy while not looking. there shadowy slander-like creatures with a steampunk Gas masks with glowing red eyes.
  • Havoc Heads - These Havocs can stack on top of each other. there four eyed rectangle-shape creatures with teeth, and only one eyes and has two cloth tentacles.
  • Grabbers - these creatures guard a Pin Stone, and trying to get away from Sackboy. its a claw with eyes and wings.
  • Fluff - A Giant cobra, that will bite sackboy or smack him with its tail, to defeat it, Sackboy has wait for it to get its tail stuck, and Sackboy has to throw a bomb to the creature's mouth causing the eyes to fell out of its mouth, do this three times, and the Fluff will inflated. this creature is a sock puppet with a long tall, with sharp teeth, and a loud of eyes in its mouth, including its glowing eyed head which is made of wood, it has a flower attached on its tail, its has crab-like metal claws and a saw behind its mask to resemble petals, this serves as a miniboss.
  • Wheelers - These Creature can dashed at Sackboy trying to attack him with there spiky hats, there black-striped creatures with Pickelhaube helmets, and has wheels on there hands and feet.