Pictures of the Pins

The 5 Pins of Havocs are Magical Crystal Cog-Shaped Pins created by The Hooded One, that can Activate The Havoc Bot, Each of them had there own Magic and there Scattered Across Craftworld. They are Seen in LittleBigPlanet Toons.

Color Symbol Ability Scattered
Blue A X with 4 Dots around it Chaos At The Wild West, where Sheriff Zapata used it.
Yellow A Simple Clock Time In The Bowling House where Mr Nolan Noleghs (Disguise as Kegling King) used it to win each Bowling Tournament.
Green A Lighting Bolt Powering Tech On Guard Leader's Chest where it Brings the Abandon Temple of Metal to Life.
Pink A Swirl Nightmares Placed on the Neon Rock, Where the Crab King used it filled the Ocean with Fear to scared the Intruders away.
Red A Robotic Eye Controlling Mechines In Collector's Music Box where it controls The Mega Bots, And The Collector didn't know its was in it.